Things that really bother me, and in less stable moments, kinda freak me out.

A pimple on my face that is forming just under my skin, and I can’t see it yet, but it really hurts, so I know it is coming. No matter what.

The fact that my body is not symmetrical.

A twitch in my eyebrow.

Head cheese.

The words, “head cheese.”

Uncooked chicken, masquerading as cooked chicken.

When you break a bone by accident.

When you put in the DVD of Mad Men from Netflix you’ve been waiting to watch all week, and you’re midway through the third and final episode on the disc and it freezes. Seriously, I may kill someone over this one.

An itch that moves every time you scratch it.

When you temporarily forget some essential, positive feeling that you have most of the time as it seemingly disappears for a day or even a week or two. Like the feeling of being in love, or knowing that you are good at something, or having faith in the general goodness of mankind.

The fear that the aforementioned feeling will never return.

The fact that mind-melding really does only happen on Star Trek. Lord knows, I’ve tried.

Low back pain.

Asteroids. They caused the ice age, for crying out loud.

When a giant spider strings a web in a spot that you have to walk through at night in order to get into your house, and you don’t see it there, but you feel it crawl on your face when you walk into it.

The seeds in rasberries.

Dry feet.

Thinning hair. Mine.

When someone thinks I’m making fun of them and I’m not.

Seeing someone sitting alone in a restaurant eating, and watching them chew. Slays me every time.

Miscommunications that lead to hurt feelings… or worse.

When bad things happen in private, and you just know that if the right people knew all about it, they would put an end to it.

This picture kinda freaks me out a little, too.

Photo courtesy of  Lorri37


7 Responses to “Things that really bother me, and in less stable moments, kinda freak me out.”

  1. The part about seeing someone eating alone in a restaurant? It doesn’t really freak me out as much as it makes me very sad and puts a lump in my throat…

  2. I really enjoyed this, Deb.

    Did you ever read this?
    Warning: potential cryfest.

  3. Haha I love this! I love eating alone too 😉

  4. I know, I love eating alone, too… I’m pretty sure that what Steph and I were responding to is the emptiness with which some folks just shovel the food in, mindlessly, joylessly. I think she really describes it eloquently in her beautiful blog post, above…

  5. I read her post. Really nice (/poignant)! 🙂


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