Just write already… but don’t share it all, OK?

Seriously, what the hell is the big deal?

You wanna have a blog, you gotta write. It’s that simple.

I have always been expressive. Flute, ballet, singing, acting… Later on it was dj’ing, directing… But always writing. From the first diary entries back in fifth grade (shopping lists, mostly, and laments about being flatchested and boys that ignored me… ahem, clearly connected), to the later journal pages, poems, essays, short stories, plays… aaah, so many words.

So much crap.

It’s like that when you’re writing. Really, if you’re putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) on a regular basis, then 90% of what you’re writing is usually crap. But it’s the crap you have to get out of your system if you wanna get to the good stuff.

With me, I usually start out with overwrought cliches, trite phrases and predictable, badly mixed metaphors. Once I get those out of the way, I move on to talking ABOUT what I want to say. Finally, at some point, when I can calm down and stop thinking about who is going to read my stuff, how it might be received, and what I’m gonna wear on the book tour, I actually get to the point.

Once in a while, I lock into something that is inspired by something beyond my control. I like this. A lot. It reminds me of when I used to study the flute, and after a bunch of years, when I had practiced enough and started to develop some chops, I could actually play faster than I could read music. It was like my fingers had developed a mind of their own, and they would fly across the keys beyond my ability to consciously register their every move.

You wanna get to the really quality shit? You have to slog through the garbage. You have to practice every day. You have to get to where your ideas are flowing through your fingers faster than your mind registers the writing down of each and every letter. You need to put in your time, baby.

Julia Cameron had it right. That’s why The Artist’s Way is a classic, and has been translated into I don’t know how many languages, and she’s probably done very well for herself, thank you very much. Those morning pages are the real deal. Ya gotta do em. Ya gotta keep writing. Just do it.

But here’s the thing… You may want to think twice about sharing EVERYTHING you write. I mean, I know that every moment in your day is quite profound, and the level of detail you’ve put into some of those descriptions is, well… admirable. But you need to think about your readers. What are they experiencing as they read your stuff? Are you imparting anything worth sharing? Is there a lesson in all that verbiage? Some humor? Some insight into the human condition? Any advice? Words of warning? New information? Anything??

Blogging is a dangerous business. I know this. It’s very tempting to believe that because you can publish your words at will, that everything you have to say is worth reading. Sadly, this is just not the case. For most of us.

And believe me when I tell you, I am working to take my own advice.

Note: I have not been paid by Julia Cameron to promote her book or her online course. She doesn’t need my help to sell her stuff.

Photo courtesy of malsicuro


5 Comments to “Just write already… but don’t share it all, OK?”

  1. OH NO! I just liked my own blog post! I didn’t mean to do that! Now you’re all gonna think I’m narcissistic and self-centered. Right? Cuz you’re all just sitting around thinking about me, right? What? Shit… never mind…

  2. I personally think you’re narcissistic and self-centered and I think that my opinion that you’re narcissistic and self-centered is actually going to cause you to stop and think about being narcissistic and self-centered and change your ways. Oops, now you probably think that I’m narcissistic and self-centered. Oh shoot…this was probably one of those things I should write but not share, huh? 🙂 Enjoyed your post!

    • I actually had a therapist once who told me, (after I ranted on and on about what this one was thinking about me, and how worried I was about what that one was thinking about me), that I was just not that important. I was SO RELIEVED, actually… What a weight off my shoulders! I had another friend tell me that as far as she was concerned, after anyone left her sight, he or she went home and sat in the closet. I’m pretty sure it’s kind of like that most of the time…
      Glad you liked my post. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!!

  3. I did the same thing on one of my first blogs. Still haven’t figured out how to “unlike” it. Not as easy as Facebook! 😛

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