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September 23, 2011

One Day A Solo View – Better Late Than Never

Wednesday the 21st was supposed to be the day I blogged a piece for a project called One Day A Solo View. Instead, it was a day I spent largely freaking out about a piece I’d written the day before that was not sitting right with me. Wednesday was freak out Day 1 of 2, until I finally realized on Thursday afternoon that I could go back and edit until I was more comfortable with it.

So asking myself to provide details of that particular day, Freakout Day 1, is kind of ironic.
It was a day I spent deeply questioning the entire point of blogging, sharing, giving up personal information about myself, my past, my family and friends… Frankly, still processing…

I’m fairly sure that the basic details of my day are fairly familiar – i-phone alarm, somewhat stressed push to get my 8-year-old to school on time, make sure the dishes from last night are washed, prep myself for a day at the office, wash, apply clothing, ignore many messy piles around the house until there’s time to really deal with them, and then travel to office for a day of outreach and marketing.

Stare at the computer, alternately monitor personal and business twitter pages, facebook pages, email, review and re-review the to-do items in Pivotal Tracker (project management software) and my yellow notebook including write emails, make appointments, edit letters, check the guest list for an upcoming event, follow up with various team members, collaborators. Basically, alternate between basic administrative / housekeeping tasks, creative development projects, business outreach campaigns, product development, and any other loose ends, scheduling meetings and other appointments, and try not to think of all the other stuff I have to do that’s not related to work.

In between, eat my yogurt and honey (breakfast), my leftover coconut rice, pan-seared codfish and stirfried cabbage & mushrooms in coconut sauce (lunch – SO GOOD), and later, wish I was eating pizza (sigh).

Walk to the subway through mid-town, noticing the myriad of police cars and road blocks EVERYWHERE, learn that Barack Obama is in town, and tweet about it.

Get on the train and play Free Cell on my i-phone instead of reading, AGAIN.

Meet a friend for dinner, (still wishing for pizza) and make a delicious marinated chick pea and artichoke salad, with raw carrots and green peppers to go with some kind of cereal crusted chicken breasts (yum).

Spend a couple of hours processing how vulnerable and raw I feel from sharing too much personal information online.  Go to sleep. Happy with the knowledge that Thursday night’s dinner will indeed be pizza. And realizing that blogging won’t solve that burning desire to express my deepest, darkest, etc. For now, it seems to be a damn good place to talk about food.

And leave out a whole lot of other details…

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May 8, 2011

Welcome to My Blog

Like every good self-involved writer, I feel the need to step back for a moment and write about what I’m going to write about. Just to make sure I pound the obvious deeply into the dirt. But more importantly, I want you to know just how important you, the reader, are to me.

The writing I’ll be sharing with you will fall into roughly three categories: stuff about me, posts about creative people or events that inspire and delight me, and political or social stuff that I think has some kind of significance or value beyond the boundaries of my self. Sometimes the thing I write may fall into more than one category, and I’ll have to double categorize it. I may sweat this process longer than necessary, so bear with me.

This post, however, falls squarely into the personal category. I want you to understand a bit more about me and why you matter so much.

I am at my best when I’m writing letters. I’ve always enjoyed the freedom of boundariless sharing with friends, freedom to flit from one topic to another and cement my relationship in whatever random ways feel good at the moment. I might throw in some keen observations, progress updates, self-deprecating jokes, sardonic comments or heartfelt confessions. When you receive a letter from me, you will definitely recognize that you have been included in something very personal. I put a lot into my letters, and often feel like I need a nap after I’ve completed one.

This will not be a letter. I do not know you well enough yet.

However, I am prone to sharing, and I do need to reveal a certain amount of my psyche in order to feel that something genuine has happened here, so there will be a few takeaways.

A few basic facts. First of all, I am a solo parent of an eight year old boy named Josiah. He is perhaps my biggest inspiration, as well as my biggest responsibility and concern. More often than not, he delights and entertains me beyond belief, and you can expect me to share a lot of stories about him.

Secondly, I am a widow. I lost my husband Ivor in October of 2009, to a terrible disease (one of the suckiest I know of) called sickle cell anemia. Ivor and I were together for just about 22 years, and during that time I experienced more than my share of stresses related to living with a chronically and progressively ill partner, including dealing with hospitals, medication, financial pressure, and a decreasing ability to live life in a lighthearted, spontaneous manner, not to mention the psychic pressure of impending death. However, I also experienced a profound understanding of what is important in life, how to not sweat the little things while valuing the precious gifts of love and family and friendship and small pleasures like cooking and eating yummy food, planting flowers, watching a great movie, having a good stretch in the morning…

The paradoxes inherent in this huge portion of my life have provided me with enough material to write about for quite some time. I have experienced so much, and I am interested in so many things, plus, I know SO MANY amazing people, and I want to tell you about ALL OF IT. In some ways, it feels beyond my control. This stuff is pouring out of me right now, and I’m just going with it, delivering it as fast as I can.

But here’s the thing. I really need to know you’re out there. It’s hard for me to get invested if I think I’m talking to myself. It’s a blog, not a diary. I do know the difference. And like an actor who thrives on the immediacy of performing for a live audience in the theater, I need to know that someone’s actually receiving the energy I’m putting into these words.

So subscribe to my blog. Tell your friends about it. I promise, there will be a great variety of topics and ideas covered here. Comment on my posts! I’ll respond…

If you get bored, you can always move on to the next thing. But I’m betting you won’t.

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